Associate Design Director

How to apply

Please send a brief cover letter and resume, along with your portfolio, with the subject heading Associate Design Director to


Potion seeks an Associate Design Director!

Associate Design Directors (ADDs) at Potion create intuitive, beautiful, interactive experiences in a wide diversity of forms from physical installations, to mobile applications and Mixed Reality experiences. They are excited to contribute to all aspects of a project, from the “big idea” to the minute details of UX, UI, motion, color, and typography. ADDs work every day on core teams with Producers and Technologists to solve our unique design problems and create compelling, elegant solutions. We blend technology, rich visual design, and real human-experience to craft beautiful and thoughtful digital products that have lasting impact.

Associate Design Directors support the Discipline with their leadership and experience. ADDs aid in the development of both projects and the Discipline itself, supporting the staff with best practices, mentorship, positive and critical feedback, all while encouraging them to elevate their work to the highest level. They are exceptional collaborators, working across Potion’s three Disciplines to ensure a project’s success. ADDs also maintain the studio’s design relevancy by being aware of important trends in the spaces that Potion operates in, and renews their creative font through research, discussion, and reflection on wider design trends.

Expectations and Responsibilities

The Design Discipline contributes to a project’s conceptual development and are eager to collaborate in developing meaningful experiences for a wide-range of audiences. They are expected to bring a strong point of view to both challenge and inspire peers to push boundaries and elevate our work. This ability must be backed by a sophisticated executional ability of the highest calibre, and exceptional command of the production process from initial concept to final delivery.

Associate Design Directors, in particular, provide strong leadership on a daily basis and are confident in presenting their work internally and to clients. They demonstrate the highest level of independence, and are responsible for not only producing exemplary work for multiple projects at a time, but also directly supervising select members of the design team to produce innovative and sophisticated solutions, and mentoring them through bi-weekly 1:1 check-ins. Associate Design Directors are expected to be able to discuss and weigh strategic aspects of any project at any time, and collaborate with Technology and Production to create beautiful and functional digital experiences from Potion’s unique point of view. They provide leadership and support to client presentations, planning meetings, and proposals, and are able to provide reasonable estimates of time, effort, and materials needed to execute Potion projects.

Associate Design Directors also:

  • Lead Projects at a Design and overall creative level
  • Work with the Design Director to determine the best allocation of resources to achieve project and studio goal
  • Monitor and evaluate functional level of project teams, providing feedback and support when necessary, so that teams can be high functioning
  • Represent Potion as a knowledgeable expert in proposals, client presentations/meetings, and speaking engagements
  • Promote and maintain friendly, motivational, can-do, team-oriented attitude.
  • Travel to physical locations for various reasons, including but not limited to client meetings, presentations, and installations


This position reports to the Design Director in weekly 1:1 check-ins. ADDs will participate in bi-annual performance reviews with the Principal and support the bi-annual performance reviews for the people in their discipline.

Qualifications & Skills

  • 7+ years professional experience and leadership experience in a studio environment
  • Has complete understanding of visual design (composition, typography, branding, image making)
  • Has complete understanding of hands-on design skills and a mastery of digital design principles
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, and ability to articulate their thinking to colleagues, clients, and the design industry
  • Excellent ability to provide and receive positive and critical feedback, in an effective and efficient way to ensure that the studio output fulfills the studio’s mission and vision 
  • Excited to mentor and help others develop skills
  • Great leadership skills
  • Ability to lead and contribute to a high performing team
  • Ability to collaborate with other Disciplines to ensure project efficiency and success
  • An expert knowledge of the Adobe Suite. Experience with 3D modeling (Maya, Unity, Cinema4D or similar) or 2D animation is a plus.
  • Ability to prototype ideas quickly using pen and paper or popular tools like Sketch and Framer
  • Ability to conceptually own, craft and present visually powerful and beautiful presentations that articulate a deep understanding of what we do
  • Comprehensive awareness and interest in new media, emerging technologies, and design trends
  • Superior ability to work collaboratively and participate in the creation of a respectful working environment
  • Conversant with and supportive of the mission and values of Potion
  • Exercises maturity, vision, humility, curiosity, enthusiasm, humor, and inspiration
  • Position deals with confidential information and/or issues using discretion and judgment. It is important to have a detail-oriented, respectful approach.



The person in this position may be expected to perform other job-related duties, outside of what is listed in this description, that may be required by their supervisor.

How to apply

Please send a brief cover letter and resume, along with your portfolio, with the subject heading Associate Design Director to