PostSecret Universe
HarperCollins and Frank Warren, Mobile App
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Potion has created the PostSecret Universe app for iPhone and iPad: a digital collection of secrets and stories curated by the artist Frank Warren. The app brings together over five hundred never-before-seen secrets, including postcards, artworks, objects, digital secrets from the original PostSecret App (the first time secrets were shared anonymously online), audio recordings, emails and video clips, in a vast digital compendium that illuminates our secret inner lives.

Over ten years ago, Frank asked the public to mail secrets anonymously to his house. From this initial simple request, the PostSecret project has amassed millions of followers and has been shared widely in books, on stage, and on the PostSecret blog. PostSecret Universe is the first PostSecret digital publication to share collections of secrets from strangers.

By sharing anonymous secrets back with the world, Frank’s work offers insight into how our deepest secrets don’t separate us, but truly connect us. To build upon this concept, Potion created a 3D environment in the app that binds secrets together in a unique sequence. Users can follow a thread curated by Frank, or explore the meaning behind secrets curated by the PostSecret community. In a unique process, we engaged the PostSecret community to provide a semantic understanding of secrets in a way that is human, not algorithmic, by sharing the meaning, feelings and emotions triggered by individual secrets.

Many secrets trigger revelatory stories of how the secret has impacted the lives of individuals, communities, and even Frank himself. And for the first time ever, Frank includes personal, heartfelt, serious, and humorous stories about what inspired him to start PostSecret in 2004.

Potion collaborated with Frank Warren, HarperCollins, and thousands of PostSecret Community members to create the PostSecret Universe app.