Director of Production

How to apply

Please send a brief cover letter and resume with the subject heading Director of Production to


Potion is seeking an experienced Director of Production to join the Production discipline.

Potion is seeking an experienced Director of Production to join the Production discipline. At Potion, the most creative projects are our best managed ones. The Production discipline is at the heart of a Potion creative team — every aspect of a project passes through them.

The Production discipline focuses the combined talent of all our team members to create and maintain a shared creative vision.  Creative, collaborative and grounded in consistency and structure, we leverage crystal-clear communication to promote an environment where Potion and its clients work together to push boundaries and make amazing work.

The Director of Production leads Potion’s Production Discipline in support of our mission and vision. The Director is responsible for managing the collective efforts of their discipline members, and to support them with best practices, mentorship, and positive and critical feedback, encouraging them to elevate their work to the highest level. They are a “player coach” that lead both projects and their discipline by example, demonstrating excellence in communication of all types, both internal and external.

This position offers an opportunity to work within a highly functioning and well known interactive design studio. Fellow producers bring together diverse expertise to balance project management with research, writing, theater, storytelling, art, radio, film and more.

This is a full-time, on-site position in our Manhattan office.

Expectations and Responsibilities

The Director of Production is expected to be able to discuss and weigh strategic and technical aspects of any project at any time. Their deep knowledge of interactive production allows them to speak to and advise the discipline and studio on any project issues. They can provide support and leadership to client presentations, planning meetings, and proposals, and able to provide estimates of time, effort, and materials needed to execute the full breadth of interactive projects executed at potion.

The Director of Production also:

    • Manages the overall studio production schedule, schedules teams, allocates resources to teams, and evaluates the risks and rewards of adding new projects to the schedule for the Managing Director.
    • Manages and leads the Production team, by sharing best practices and examples from previous client engagements, through individual 1-1 meetings, and weekly discipline meetings.
    • Manages individual projects as a tactical level producer or project lead where appropriate.
    • Works with the other discipline directors to determine best allocation of studio resources to achieve project and studio goals.
    • Monitors and evaluates functional level of project teams, providing feedback and support when necessary, so that teams can function at the highest possible level.
    • Provides oversight on overall Quality and Execution level of projects, from the discipline’s point of view.
    • Represents Potion as a knowledgeable expert and leader in proposals, client presentations/meetings, and digital production writ large.
    • Promotes and maintains friendly, motivational, can-do, team-oriented attitude.
    • Evaluates Production discipline needs, evaluates potential Producing candidates, and provides hiring recommendations to the Principal.
    • Works with Operations discipline to coordinate project billings, contractor payments, and other project-related financial operations.
    • Travels to physical locations for various reasons, including but not limited to client meetings, presentations, and installations.


The Director of Production will report to the Managing Director in weekly one-on-one meetings with to discuss the overall studio workload and schedule. The Director of Production will participate in bi-annual performance reviews with the Managing Director and manages the bi-annual performance reviews for the people in his/her discipline.

Qualifications and Skills

The Director of Production is highly organized and have experienced knowledge of the process and timelines required for the execution of a wide range of interactive projects.

    • Bachelor’s Degree and 8+ years experience, including 2+ years of leadership experience in a professional setting producing projects, ideally in an interactive agency setting.
    • Demonstrates excellent level of integrity, clarity, firmness, and fairness with clients and internal teams, educating them as to the difficulties and challenges during each phase of the studio’s process in context with their respective contract with Potion. It is understood that these qualities will help to ensure appropriate expectations and good communications while underscoring the collaborative nature of this work.
    • Has complete understanding of project scopes of work, budgets, and schedules of all types and sizes.
    • Able to assess situations quickly, and respond to changing needs flexibly, while assessing potential risks and rewards to the client and the studio.
    • A quick study who loves to learn about new innovations, technologies, and processes, as part of their job.
    • Superior ability to handle the most complex project situations.
    • Superior negotiation skills.
    • Is excited to mentor and help others grow.
    • Has great leadership skills.
    • Has almost supernatural ability to sense what could endanger a project or the studio as a whole, even before obvious signs surface and prepare appropriate action.
    • Ability to balance a sense of urgency with a calm and confident demeanor, especially in stressful or pressured situation.
    • Position deals with confidential information and/or issues using discretion and judgment. It is important to have a detail-oriented, respectful approach.
    • Excellent ability to provide and receive positive and critical feedback, in an effective and efficient way to ensure that the studio output fulfills the studio’s mission and vision.
    • Superior ability to work collaboratively and participate in the creation of a respectful working environment.
    • Conversant with and supportive of the mission and values of Potion.
    • Exercises maturity, vision, humility, curiosity, enthusiasm, humor, and inspiration.

The person in this position may be expected to perform other job-related duties, outside of what is listed in this description, that may be required by their supervisor.

How to apply

Please send a brief cover letter and resume with the subject heading Director of Production to