Potion is a design studio that uses its understanding of our ever changing digital environment to create thoughtfully conceived and designed technology projects. Our work explores the new and unexpected ways that people and technology interact in the world around us in order to create intuitive and innovative experiences.

Founded in 2005 by graduates of the MIT Media Lab, Potion has created custom interactive experiences at many scales from intimate mobile applications to architectural physical/digital installations. Our clients come from all sectors of industry from institutional and museum clients, to hospitality, to health services, and retail. We have a collaborative design practice and work closely with clients from concept and design, through software development and deployment.

Potion seeks to expand the language of interaction design. We collaborate with our clients to discover and break new creative ground. Not satisfied with the status quo, Potion continually invents new technologies, new modes of interaction, and new ways of making things work.

We believe that technology, carefully crafted, can be a force for good in the modern world. Our engineering side loves to build things from the ground up, constructing robust solutions for the real world. Our design sensibility challenges us to experiment and iterate to discover experiences that are simultaneously familiar and new, intuitive and innovative. We embrace an interdisciplinary process, by bringing together an array of people with different expertise and perspectives including; architect-programmers, mathematician-writers, designer-musicians and engineer-designers.

We believe that computation is today’s medium for creative expression — the digital universe should dance and blossom in response to the human touch.
Phillip Tiongson   Principal
Phillip is a principal and founder of Potion, a technology and design firm that creates smart, delightful interactions in all forms from iPad apps to interactive walkways. He creates experiences that bring the craft of storytelling together with the tools of a software engineer. Phillip completed his MS in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab and his MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University. Born in rural Celina, Tennessee, he still finds it hard to believe he lives in New York City. Potion’s award-winning work graces museums, stores, restaurants, and mobile devices around the world.
Filippo Vanucci   Developer
With a background in user experience design, Filippo enjoys getting his hands dirty with algorithms and installation work. Curious to learn new languages in case of necessity, at Potion he translates design compositions into lines of code, making sure that the interaction flows smoothly.

Born and raised in the East Coast of Italy, Filippo graduated at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, and served as an information architect in Milan. He holds an M.P.S. from the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU, where he focused on connecting physical and digital artifacts, algorithmic visualizations and site-specific installations. His thesis project, Scrollables, investigates the future of paper as a medium, taking inspiration from the invention of the mouse wheel and old arcade games. His personal work has been exhibited at Sony Wonder Museum, the ITP Big Screens show, Vimeo Festival, Nuit Blanche NYC, NY Tech Meetup and featured on Make Magazine. When he is not working on Potion's next interactive piece, Filippo contributes to the global expansion of the Italian indie music label Tafuzzy.
Heather Velez   Junior Producer
Heather Velez is a recent graduate of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. Her focus is on how technology shapes the way that we communicate, share information and learn via interactive tools and social applications. Prior to ITP, Heather worked at New York Public Radio on two award-winning programs, Radiolab and The Takeaway. She graduated from Brown University in 2005 with a B.A. in American Civilization.
Josh Fisher   Senior Developer
Josh loves the nitty-gritty of software programming, the nittier the better. He delights in finding new things to do with the STL, and is constantly amazed at how many tasks are already implemented in the Boost libraries. New programming environments are thrilling to him, but even familiar ones can provide him with a pleasing frission. At Potion, Josh is responsible for maintaining and growing the software that other Potion developers use to make projects, among other things.

Originally an apprentice opera performer, Josh eventually arrived at the craft of software development via the visual arts and a few odd-jobs. He holds a BFA from Kalamazoo College in western Michigan, as well as an MFA from Parsons, the New School for Design.
Holly Houghton   Producer
As a manager, writer and content developer, Holly is passionate about creating engaging experiences that make stories and information relevant. At Potion, Holly works directly with clients to deliver projects from conception to completion, and ensures successful collaboration among all team members throughout the process.

Prior to Potion, Holly spent six years living in London and working in exhibition design, where she delivered a number of complex projects for brands, museums, universities, a park, a prison and a castle. Her career has brought her around the world and she continues to love traveling. Outside of the studio, Holly can be found knitting and sewing, running road races, indoor bouldering, or cuddling with her pet hedgehog.

She holds a BA in Art History from Williams College, and an MA with Distinction in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.
Neo Barc   Design Engineer
Neo Barc, also known as Sangzoon Park, is a Design Engineer, an Interactive Installation Designer, as well as a Media Artist. With his background in mechanical engineering, physical computing and media art, he enjoys designing engaging, elegant and dynamic structures for interactive media installations. He has also worked as a researcher in a robotics laboratory, creating a two feet, walking, humanoid robot. Recently he has worked on several interactive installations allowing him to apply and hone his expertise.

He holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering and a BFA in Film/Video from Myong-ji University in South Korea. He then moved to New York to study Photography at the School of Visual Arts. In 2010, he graduated with an MPS from the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University where he experimented with discarded laptops and computer cooling fans as video/kinetic sculptures.
Jonathan Bobrow   Developer
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jonathan traveled cross country to join forces with Potion as a developer. His curiosity for deconstructing and reassembling electronics as a child has led him to create intuitive user interactions and immersive installations. Developing new ways to create interactions utilizing sensory data information is paramount to Jonathan's interest in coding and creative spirit.

Jonathan holds a B.A. at the Design and Media Arts department and a minor in Mathematics from UCLA. His background includes developing multi-screen installations for trade shows, creating prototypes for toys at Gentle Giant Studios, and building a graphical user interface for a skills training system at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). In his work with ICT and other freelance experiences, he has been fortunate to work with and learn from scholars in HCI, artists at Disney, and developers at Apple. In his spare time, he creates within the intersection of math and art which inspires his anamorphic chalk drawings. He also enjoys snowboarding, riding his bike and discovering new places to go hiking.
Owen Herterich   Developer Intern
Owen is a Developer Intern at Potion.
Abby Palmer   Senior Producer
Abby has spent the past several years producing, designing and developing interactives and physical spaces for museum exhibitions, gardens, and parks as well as educational software for iPhone/iPad apps. She enjoys making media and exhibits for playful learning; working with words, images, space, sound, touch, and movement to create learning experiences that are exciting, memorable, and surprising.

Abby also worked in New York film and television production on television commercials and documentaries, and as the properties master at the San Diego Repertory Theatre. She holds a B.A. in Visual Arts with concentration in Installation Art from the University of California, San Diego.

In her spare time she loves to chase after and learn everything she can from her two little boys.
Marie Lamouret   Design Intern
Marie is a Design Intern at Potion.
Jared Schiffman   Co-founder
Jared has worked at the intersection of design, computer science and education for over two decades. Since his first Atari landed in his lap, Jared has used code as medium for visual expression and as an outlet for creative energy.

As the co-founder of Potion, Jared leads the design and the technical development of all Potion projects alongside partner Phillip Tiongson. Jared developed the underlying software framework that all Potion projects are based upon, and continues to develop that platform today.

In Potion’s five year history, Jared has attended the White House twice in honor of the National Design Awards and has lectured and taught widely on interaction design. Currently an adjunct professor in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, Jared teaches the graduate-level courses Spatial Media and Computation Form. He has also taught at Parsons School of Design and at High Tech High in California.

Jared holds an MS in Media Arts & Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and a BS in Computer Science & Engineering from MIT. As a Research Associate at the Media Lab, Jared studied under John Maeda, who inspired him to create the Visual Machine Series, a novel set of visual programming languages that re-envisioned the way in which code is created. While at the Media Lab, Jared also created interactive pieces that were shown at the Cooper Union, the Museum of the Moving Image and the Museum of Modern Art.

Raised in Los Altos, California, Jared now resides in Brooklyn's beautiful and historic Park Slope.
Jason Hart   Design Director
Jason is a maker at his core. After receiving a BFA in Painting from Purchase College, and through extensive travel and exploration, Jason discovered design struck the perfect balance between his appreciation of utility, craftsmanship, and playfulness. Over a decade later, he hasn’t looked back. Constantly seeking to advance design as both an art form as well as a means of communication, Jason enjoys bridging motion with interactivity and combining hand crafted techniques with digital technology. Jason’s work has received accolades and awards from the One Show, Tomorrow Awards, The Webby Awards, FWA, Motionographer, and the Communications Arts Interactive Annual.

In his down time, you can find him making piles of sawdust in his garage or constructing amazing Lego creations with his young daughter.
Hellyn Teng   Studio Manager
Hellyn oversees day-to-day operations as Potion's Studio Manager. Her extensive background in administration, multi-media arts and design has brought her to Potion, where she ensures all facets of operations are fastened and secured.

Having landed in New York from the West Coast, Hellyn holds a B.F.A. in Fashion Design from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. Prior to Potion, she designed original fashion collections, and exhibited multi-media art and experimental sound compositions, exploring both analog and digital technologies, in various venues including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Bay Area Now 5 (BAN5) at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF. When she’s not busy organizing Potion’s next happy hour, she can be found amidst a pile of eraser dust sketching fashion illustrations, tinkering with analog synths and drum machines, or putting the pedal to the metal on her sewing machines.
Jennifer Presto   Developer Intern
Jennifer is a Developer Intern at Potion.
Bryant Wells   Junior Designer
Bryant Wells is a graphic communication designer and recent graduate of the College Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the the University of Cincinnati, holding a Bachelors degree in Science of Design. Bryant is fueled by a passion for design systems and an urge for exploration. He enjoys learning new things and experimenting with alternative mediums for creative expression; including computational aesthetics and sampled-based music production.
Bruce Drummond   Developer
Bruce is an artist and musician who likes to work with a variety of different tools and technology to create engaging sensory experiences. His experience over the last decade includes graphic design and illustration, designing and coding interactive software, art design and project management, developing audio creation and editing software, and fronting an influential rock band.

He received his MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design, where he has also worked on research projects and taught classes in Creative Computation. He also holds a Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations Management, and a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Company and Labor Law.

In his spare time, Bruce collaborates on live audio/visual performances with drum ’n’ noise, industrial and EDM artists, creates music, and obsesses over new gear for his home studio.
Edyta Lewicka   Designer
Edyta is a Designer at Potion. She enjoys approaching projects from a unique perspective, utilizing her crafting
skills. She welcomes technological challenges and delights in solving design problems. Her interest in paper
engineering, crafting and web design led her to discover the world of interactive design at Potion.

Previously, Edyta has worked as an intern/freelancer at Piscatello Design Centre, where she was immersed in an
style of graphic design that emanated from the international, multi-disciplinary studio at Massimo Vignelli.
She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and was also the president of the Media Design Club at FIT.
She is originally from Przemysl, Poland and is fluent in Polish.
Tamar Ziv   Developer
Tamar Ziv is a designer, architect, and musician who loves to write code. At Potion, Tamar strives to make the Potion platform better and better with each day. Tamar graduated from the The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) with a B.Arch, practiced architecture for a few years, then joined two bands playing the saxophone – and while doing that, she worked as a graphic designer and did exhibition design for the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Tamar moved to New York City in 2009 to join NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program and experiment with electronics, fabrication, and code – which became an infatuation which lasts to this day.
Benjamin Bojko   Developer
Coming Soon
Katherine Keane   Producer
As a producer at Potion, Katherine oversees projects from scoping to delivery and launch, and ensures the flow of communication between clients, design teams, software developers and everyone in between.

Prior to Potion, Katherine worked in technology and consumer marketing where she planned, developed and executed both digital and offline campaigns, events and social media for Fujifilm, Lenovo, Hyatt, Hitachi, Philips, Mitsubishi and others.

Originally from Killarney, Ireland, Katherine holds a B.A. in English and Graphic Design from the University of Notre Dame, and a M.P.S. in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She enjoys exploring the interaction potential of traditionally passive activities, the notion of play, and the experience of physically affecting objects and environments in unexpected ways to create experiences that reduce stress levels and/or put smiles on people’s faces.
Steve Varga   Senior Product Designer
Steve is a Creative Technologist who finds happiness in discovering the simplest and most creative solutions to problems. He began his career as a designer, but has come to love the hands on process of bringing ideas to life through code. He now focuses on combining these two disciplines to help create intelligent, well designed experiences from beginning to end. A recent addition at Potion, Steve is excited to have just completed work on The Smithsonian Channel's iPad app, and is looking forward to getting started on more exciting projects.

Steve received an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design, where he now intermittantly teaches classes in data visualization and programming, and also holds a BFA in Graphic Design from The College of New Jersey. He is also the creator of Pennant, a mobile visualization of baseball history that has won multiple awards including an Apple Design Award. 

Steve's time outside of Potion usually includes experimenting with new technology, working on personal projects, watching the Phillies, spending time outdoors and relaxing with friends and family.
Emmi Laakso   Designer
Emmi is a designer who is passionate about problem solving and simplifying complex information. Originally trained in classic print design and typography, she has always gravitated to designing experiences, and began her career by working as a freelance game designer. In the past, Emmi has also worked as a user interface designer, and freelanced in print media.

A recent addition at Potion, Emmi is excited to have already worked on a multitude of projects, including the World Economic Forum web app Global Agenda Councils: World of Ideas. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, is fluent in Finnish, and is a published co-author of a scientific study on gender in language.
Smithsonian Networks
Museum of Science and Industry
Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Hamilton Sundstrand
Hewlett Packard
Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Morgan Library
Museum at Eldridge Street
Museum of Jewish Heritage
National Building Museum
National Museum of American History
National Museum of the American Indian
National World War I Museum
New York Public Library
Rhode Island School of Design
St. Regis Adour
Tiffany & Co.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Toll Brothers, et al.
The Battery Conservancy
Tenement Museum
National Design Awards,
Finalist, 2010
Potion ,
MUSE Gold Award,
AAM, 2013
Tenement Museum,
Shop Life
SEGD Merit Award,
Society for Experiential Graphic Design , 2013
Tenement Museum,
Shop Life
Core77 Interaction Professional Notable,
Core77, 2013
Tenement Museum,
Shop Life
SXSW 2013 - Interactive Awards Finalist - Film/TV,
SXSW, 2013
Smithsonian Networks,
Smithsonian Channel for iPad
HOW Interactive Design Awards,
Winner, 2012
The NOVIY Tables
ID Annual Review,
Honorable Mention, 2010
Museum of Jewish Heritage,
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Art Directors Club,
Silver Cube, 2009
Clo Wine Bar
AAM Muse Awards ,
Gold, 2009
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AAM Muse Awards,
Gold, 2009
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World Class Single Space Awards,
Winner, 2010
Hewlett Packard,
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Communication Arts Interactive Annual,
Winner, 2010
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,
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Communication Arts Interactive Annual Awards,
Winner, 2008
National World War I Museum,
War and Peace Tables
Communication Arts Interactive Annual Awards,
Winner, 2008
Museum at Eldridge Street,
Limud Tables
Design Intern

Potion seeks a talented design intern to join our team for summer 2014. We are looking for an organized, motivated and detail-oriented person who enjoys working in a collaborative design environment with a tight-knit team. From day one you will be collaborating with fellow designers, developers and producers throughout a range of project phases, including in-depth research and concepting, design exploration, low-fidelity prototyping, through to the final stages of design production. This is your opportunity to become an integral part in solving complex design problems elegantly on real client projects, and supporting those design solutions from ideation to implementation. This internship is open to 3rd and 4th year undergraduates majoring in graphic design, and graduate students.


How To Apply

Please send a brief cover letter, resume and portfolio (PDF’s under 10MB or links to online portfolio) to jobs@potiondesign.com.




• Passion for all forms of visual design

• Strong understanding of composition, color and typography

• Working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite

• Ability to multi-task, strong organizational skills, and self-motivation

• After Effects / 3D / Final Cut skills a plus

• Availability 40 hours per week



• Support the conceptual development, direction and delivery of visual design

• Work closely with design team and collaboratively across disciplines

• Communicate and apply a solid rationale as part of the creative process and execute to the highest standards


Things to Note

• This is a paid and/or credit internship

• Non-US residents must arrange for a student visa and sponsorship independently

• We do not provide housing, but can help with recommendations